Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blue Gold

Blue Gold

Blue gold
drawing from the very old.
a subtle breeze,
erasing thoughts that bring unease.
All the moments disappear,
only flesh and blood left here.

Blue gray
gone away,
memory for another day.
Clouds of doubt,
draw it out,
sit and stare,
another route.
Tomorrow is another day,
the flesh remains,
the mind decays.

Word of the Day: dementia. (noun) loss of mental powers.


  1. I've seen this first hand...it's a world of confusion...only patience and love can help them.

    Nicely done!

  2. That was amazing. I seriously felt so many different things, but in all of them, I felt a tumbling, out of control feeling and hope at the same time.

  3. Work in a nursing home. So many dear, sweet souls lost in their own worlds, not quite focused on the here and now.
    '...the flesh remains,
    the mind decays.'
    Indeed. Very thoughtful piece.

  4. oy dementia scares me...losing things, memories...it makes me sad...great capture of it though...

  5. i think that is one of the things i really fear...when people still are - physically...but all that makes them what they were is just gone...scary...beatufifully captured

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