Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thoughts of rain

Pale lavender, orange sunrise,
breaking through cloud cover,
surfaces wet with last night's rain.
I breathe in moisture,
smell of earth and creosote,
raindrops collect and slowly gather,
rolling down the terracotta roof tiles
dropping to the ground-
Breaks the silence of
this crisp winter morning,
chill snaps me awake,
aware of my surroundings,
this present moment,
my surreal existence of late.
Getting used to unfamiliar surroundings
and constant disorientation,
the word "temporary"
travels through thoughts,
all things temporary,
makes me question
what creates meaning
as material things fall away,
surroundings change,
aware of how this winter
sunrise smells,
how the air
snaps me awake,
aware of the raindrops
slowly rolling
down terracotta tiles
to the earth under my feet.