Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Words ll

Words ll

Words at my feet
on rain-soaked sidewalks,
dredged up from the mud.
Weigh heavily,
my disillusioned poet.

my breath catches
as words swirl in the tidal pool,
shift and sway.
I gather them gently,
softly in my palm.

Close my hands-
feel the weight of language,
it's connection to history,
to the universe,
sky and moon.
The sun descends,
stars blink open their eyes,
earth rotates it's wobbly axis.

All this-
from a handful of words
once at my feet,
now embedded in my skin,
flow through my mind,
telling me a thousand stories
all at once.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dream of Snow

Dream of Snow

Sitting present
on my lunch break,
I dream of snow,
falling on a silent night,
a distant shore-
Japanese silk painting,
mountains covered in mist,
utter stillness-
White blanket
comforts the landscape.
I close my eyes,
wait for sleep
to overtake me.
I sleep deeply
and dream of snow.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January Morning

January Morning

Cold January morning.
Wrap my hands around
warmth of hot coffee,
wrap my mind around Monday.
There is poetry here-
I know this.
It is garbled,
mixed with
the daily detritus.
Seek words,
unique thoughts,
write them down.
Easy recipe to follow,
tricky to master.
Cold January morning
doing my word sit ups,
keep moving
pen to paper.
I still have something to say.
Trees spread long shadows
across the landscape.
Frost decorates windshields.
Wrap my hands around
warmth of blessed coffee,
wrap my mind around Monday,
continue to crack the code,
master the recipe,
find my poetic voice.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Miss Nomer

Miss Nomer
(misnomer: noun-an error in naming a person, place or thing.)

I know my name is Goddess
who seeks the sun,
brilliant warmth on bare skin.

my name is Gypsy,
wandering endlessly through
a rigid existence
Grasping desperately,
each creative straw.

Some days
my name is Nomad,
having no home or fixed position.

Dark days,
I am Despara,
hopeless for a better outcome,
tucking deeper inside,
waiting for the war to be over
and the rescue that never comes.

I will name myself Minerva,
then change it to Desdemona,

maybe Emily Energy,

Mary Fairy...

possibly Frank.