Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Miss Nomer

Miss Nomer
(misnomer: noun-an error in naming a person, place or thing.)

I know my name is Goddess
who seeks the sun,
brilliant warmth on bare skin.

my name is Gypsy,
wandering endlessly through
a rigid existence
Grasping desperately,
each creative straw.

Some days
my name is Nomad,
having no home or fixed position.

Dark days,
I am Despara,
hopeless for a better outcome,
tucking deeper inside,
waiting for the war to be over
and the rescue that never comes.

I will name myself Minerva,
then change it to Desdemona,

maybe Emily Energy,

Mary Fairy...

possibly Frank.


  1. We are constantly changing beings. Perhaps we are delusional to believe there a fixed state of being--even within ones self.

  2. ha. frank...smiles...names bear power...and what we give those names take them on...even if it is us...and we are ever changing...

  3. Mary Fairy / possibly Frank... I love that. I love how you've depicted the different aspects of yourself... and then with "tomorrow I will name myself..." the beautiful dance of celebration and acceptance of it all. I really enjoyed this. I feel inspired...

  4. love the Deity references in here, really frames the piece nicely. Enjoyed the piece. Thanks.