Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Meditation

This is my submission for Poetry Potluck Wednesday:

A Meditation

Bring your body to absolute stillness.
Empty completely your ruminating mind.
Slow your heartbeat down to nothing,
Remain very quiet.
Open yourself up.
Grow roots down through concrete,
Into the rich, black soil and stone,
Down through the remains of the dead,
Through layers of history,
To the fire within the molten core.
Surrender yourself-
Connect to the all-knowing wisdom.
Become the infinite,
The giver and taker of life,
The universal Mother.
Open yourself to her mystery,
This pure energy is vast and unending,
Overflowing this physical container.
We are a part of everything and nothing.
Within this place shines
The true face of God.

Word of the Day: cryptic. (adj) secret, occult. Meant to be puzzling or mysterious.


  1. true, brilliant meditation piece.

  2. Thanks! I am so excited to be a part of the poetry world again. Poetry has literally saved my life and brought me back in touch with my love of words.

  3. Yes indeed. Very, mystical and magical when we can connect within to become at ONE
    Lovely prose.

  4. I love that, has a very pagan feel. Brilliant!