Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some Magnetic Poetry

Several years back, I bought a set of "Magnetic Poetry" magnets and stuck them all over my fridge. Everyday after work, I would stand there staring at the words, start with some that appealed to me, arrange them, add more, rearrange them and create poems. It was very cathartic. I was working a job that I hated and the creation of poetry would help me move through my anger and frustration quickly. Like a workout for the mind to relieve stress.

Magnetic Poem 1
I crushed my delicate shadow
Here beneath a frantic summer storm.
Still the sordid screams from her head
Surged a blood purple sky
Rain sprays on death and
Cries for my friend,
Leaving a bitter ache
Felt through eternity.

Magnetic Poem 6
Raw moments crushed
Beneath your demon tongue.
Driven mad with power
You cry out"worship me"
and petals fall from my vision,
staring into ugliness.

Word of the Day: numinous.(adjective) 1 of or characteristic of a numen;supernatural;divine 2 having a deeply spiritual or mystic effect


  1. Thanks!I remember a poetry workshop where we each grabbed a handful of words from a hat and then had to make several different poems out of them. That was inspiring. I absolutely love words. The way they sound and feel when I say them.

  2. That was soooo awesome! I just used my poetry words to put dumb messages on the door like "have a bright day!" Very deep. Shows you can do a lot with just some raw tools.

  3. My brother-in-law has a set of magnetic poetry words on the 'beer fridge' in his garage - which makes for some oddly interesting poems.

  4. Wow! Drunk poetry. That may be an interesting experiment. Hmmmmm....

  5. BTW sis, "have a bright day" is very deep.

  6. "and petals fall from my vision" -- love this line, love the magnetic poems!