Thursday, July 21, 2011

Is it Pride?

New England Tombstone 1700's

Is It Pride?

Is it pride?
That makes us think
We will be remembered
When we die?
Five minutes after we're gone,
Already, the veil
Grays the memory.
Images skewed,
Details, faces
Fade to black.

Word of the Day: spindrift (noun) 1. sea spray; esp: spray blown from waves during a gale 2. fine wind-borne snow or sand.


  1. I was just pondering this very subject today as I was taking photos in a cemetery. I have mixed feelings about it since my mother passed away three weeks ago and we just scattered her ashes last weekend. There were only a handful of us there at the time, and since she was cremated, there's no headstone for people to see years later and know she was here.

  2. Eric, again, I am sorry for your loss. This is a question I have pondered quite a bit. I look at these 300 year old headstones and wonder about who is still around who would remember this person. But then I think, I am looking at this headstone and remembering that this represents a life, once lived.
    It is probably a question that can never really be answered.

  3. I've spent many a time walking through cemeteries and thinking the same.