Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More Magnetic Poetry

I thought I'd share some more
of my magnetic poetry:

Poem # 5

Peace, like death
Is silent. Still,
Blood recalls
The pounding heart.
Bare winter skin
Dreams of summer.

Poem # 7

My silently pounding heart
Drunk with summer smells,
Recalls our symphony of flesh.
Whispered love now lies still.
It is winter here.

Word of the Day: limpid. (adj) perfectly clear, transparent; not cloudy or turbid.


  1. Limpid--fantastic word. Last time I used it, the man I was talking to told me never to use that word, it made his balls shrivel. Hee hee. I can't believe the amazing poetry you can do with refrigerator magnets. That's insane! Love the cadence and the imagery.

  2. I think I will use "limpid" in a post. You are very talented with the magnets.