Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This Road I Travel

This Road I Travel

This road I travel,
the path within,
filled with light
contained by skin,
wrapped 'round bones,
my armature,
within my soul
I'm so much more
than what the human eye can see,
the body ends,
the light set free.

Word of the Day: preternatural. (adj) 1. existing outside of nature 2. exceeding what is natural or regular, extraordinary 3. inexplicable by ordinary means; especially: psychic


  1. I like the way you draw the reader under your skin to what matters in such simple, direct words.Very tight and well written piece. esp like the 'armature within..'

  2. i am so much more..yes indeed...and like the allusions to the path of light and one day it will be let out...

  3. Wow, that even felt like an inward journey just reading it. You seriously take me to places I had forgotten about.

  4. A beautiful view of what it means to be human. ♥

  5. it is truly lovely.
    i confess i had to look up armature in a dictionary:)
    i think jinksy got it right.

  6. Trapped inside this thing some call their temple... But there is so much more to be seen than those physical limitations which limit us all..... I learned so long ago that it's our job to bring the soul's beauty to life, and God's job to bring physical beauty to the earth..... Very thought provoking poem......