Friday, October 14, 2011

My Gift to You

This poem is not a direct imitation of a specific Rumi poem, but highly influenced by
his search for the Beloved. Rumi is one of my favorites. This post is inspired by a prompt at

My Gift to You

I have died to myself, so I may live.
You are the purest love,
a gift so selfless and generous,
I am washed in your light.
Together we can live our days in poetry,
our nights in passion.

I have died to you, so that I may know
the warmth of your touch.
I long to live in the depths of your eyes,
break my heart wide open,
shine light into all the darkened corners.

My gift to you is my love, pure and simple,
it is surrender.
My gift to you is my heart,
poured out into words,
breathed into poems,
the purest source of divine love.

This poem is dedicated to my soul mate. I am grateful for whatever forces brought us together in that one moment, so we could recognize each other across eternity. I look forward to many more years together(forty, at least) and anticipate lots of love and joy along the way.


  1. That was brilliant and the spirituality and love just shined right through every word.

  2. nice - wishing you many fantastic years with your soulmate....lovely poem you breathed for us..

  3. Beautiful. Such deep emotion and vivid description of love.

  4. our days in poetry and our nights in this and i see the hints of rumi...very nicely done...

  5. This is lovely. It is so nice to look forward to a future with a soulmate, isn't it?

  6. wow. now that's Love!
    good poem!
    I'm not too familiar with Rumi, but just purchased a book on him (must read it).
    I like the structure...
    I have died to that...
    I have died to that...
    finalized by My gift to you this...
    very nice poem. congrats.
    thanks for sharing.

  7. Sigh, one of the more loving love poems I have read. Congratulations on fining your soul-mate. Very beauiful

  8. Yes, I felt the complete dedication that Rumi had for his friend and the spiritual aspects of selflessness that permeate his understanding of true love. Thank you for choosing him and for bringing this to dVerse. Victoria

  9. My soul mate. I love you more than any man has ever loved any woman. I am forever grateful that you are mine and I yours.

  10. I love rumi too. You have evoked the spirit of his work so well here:)
    (suzy @ somewhere a melody)