Saturday, October 15, 2011

An Offering

Over at, the prompt is "taboo" subjects in poetry. It took me a few years after rediscovering my love of writing poetry, but I started to tap into more deep and personal themes. Here, I am sharing two of them:

An Offering

I come to you, an offering of flesh.
Climb the landscape of my body,
unfold me layer by layer,
open the petals of the rose,
to reveal its desirable fruit.
Take me completely,
rip open the raw desire
vibrating on the surface of my skin,
the swell of my breast in your hand.

Midnight Desire

I want to run naked in the moonlight,
night wind caressing my raw skin
like a crazed lover.
I want to feel the mossy earth
between my toes,
let the darkness find and open
all my secret places.
Violate them-
turn me inside out,
leave no place to hide my longing,
I want to be pure animal,
a visceral, snarling beast.


  1. wow both of these take a vicious turn...a great ramp up in the sexual tension...i like those abrupt changes...leave no place to hide my longing...and rip open the raw desire rippling across my skin...both very nice...

  2. whew - both of them very real and visceral..the offering of flesh and opening of secret places..forgetting all conventions..nicely played

  3. I think many of us want to just run wild, be sexually free, be invaded.

    Two wonderful poems..

  4. What else is there to say other than

    brilliantly open poetry

    Appearing to be a confessional burst of feeling

    that sings off the screen with strong intent

    arron shilling

  5. whoah - awesome and sensual and such a contrast between the two. the first sweet, sexy, romantic, and the second hot, heavy, and wild! Great poetry here. thanks for sharing them with us.

  6. Great write two sides to you wow.
    Excellent writing liked your expressions.

  7. raw and ethereal. beautiful, flowing words with a little electricity running through them.

  8. Mmmm - great writes and I think that animal is within all of us. (It is in me!)

    Anna :o]

  9. Mmmm - great writes and I think that animal is within all of us. (It is in me!)

    Anna :o]

  10. direct and open,
    beautiful desires delivered.