Saturday, November 12, 2011

Idiomatic Ideology

Over at, the prompt is "idioms".

Idiomatic Ideology

When it's down to the wire,
my ideas dropping like flies,
I was still determined,
come hell or high water
to come up with a poem.
Back to the drawing board,
I knew I was against the clock,
must cut to the chase.....
Here goes:

If I wear my heart on my sleeve,
it's bound to end up in the wash.

Elvis has left the building.*

*(No poets were harmed during the making of this poem)


  1. LOL...almost spit my coffee...LOVE it...and be careful with your heart..smiles

  2. haha...too fun....hope the colors dont fade...smiles.

  3. Ha...ha...I know what you mean about deadline...Brian and the gang over at D'verse keeps us on our toes and sleeves.

    Love this...Happy sunday ~

  4. haha such a fun verse, you surely pulled it off, so I guess you avoided hell and surfed the high water.

  5. Dare I say that out of the silliness, you've pulled a rather poignant couplet; but I think the expression is "it will all come out in the wash," which would also work.

  6. It's always good when I laugh out loud- I did!

  7. this was fun...and funny. made me laugh. love the end! And I'm so glad no poets were harmed ;)