Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Now, It Is Done

Now, It Is Done

Now, it is done.
The sun's warmth heals
my battle-worn body,
soothes deep wounds,
penetrating my skin, my bones,
my connective tissue,
stitching together my disconnect.
The final stand made,
I will endure all consequences.

Now buried,
left for dead,
I shovel the last wet soil
upon my sepulcher.
Lungs fill
with the smell of raw earth,
time for lamenting has passed,
all the mourners gone home.

Now risen
with the misted moon
and blackened sky,
linger, until morning lifts
the diaphanous veil of night
from my eyes,
breathe deeply,
the light of dawn.


  1. love how you weave nature and psyche together here...the veil of night..the wet soil...i'm a big fan of wet soil...and earthworms..smiles... can even smell the soil and wetness here..and the relief..

  2. It's a strange combination of dark and uplifting. Strange. I like it a lot!

  3. I felt like you buried and moved on... and the new dawn is coming. Like the images of wet misted moon ~

  4. i like the turn to the light at the end...to me it is a resurrection of spirit...nice textures as well....

  5. This is profound and beautiful.....love your blog! :-)

  6. Every night is a bit of death. The active brain fights the night and feels, smells and reacts to the symbol of death and takes the morphine of sleep with hope of rising with the dawn. Well penned.

  7. Moving piece.
    Death & Life, and the battle between.
    nature plays a BIG part here,
    and the images you make are speaking out to me (your reader).
    Very, very good job.

  8. this is really beautiful, and such a unique perspective.
    the light of dawn is always so welcome, isn't it?